Did you know that February is Apple Month? It’s much more fun than being known as the ‘Good god, we’re still months away from summer’ month.

Apples are humble servants in our quest for good health and mid-winter produce and they deserve a little celebrating. Here are ten tips, fun facts and eating ideas for this humble yet mighty fruit. Crunch on!!

  1. The forbidden fruit might not have been the apple. Some say it was pomegranate, others quince!
  2. Need a healthy snack to keep you going all afternoon? One of my favourite snacks is a sliced apple served with natural peanut butter.
  3. Soluble fibre helps keep you full and fibre-rich apples can revolutionize your breakfast with the help of a few chia seeds…try this insanely awesome recipe from Oh She Glows
  4. Apple seeds contain natural cyanide…but eating them won’t kill you.
  5. Apples make for a darn good green smoothie: blend 1 chopped sweet apple with 2 handfuls spinach, ½ cup frozen mango and 1/3 peeled fresh lemon with 1 cup water until smooth.
  6. Don’t store apples with leafy greens. The natural ethylene gas they release will cause your greens to go bad quickly.
  7. Award for most unnecessary new GMO food in development? An apple that won’t brown. Good for food processors…completely unnecessary for eaters. Learn more here.
  8. Apples are rich in several anti-inflammatory phytochemicals such as flavonoids like quercetin and phenolic acids. In English? GOOD FOR YOU.
  9. When you can afford them, buy organic apples as they consistently rank as one of the fruits most laden with pesticides. If you can’t, don’t worry…scrub well and still get your daily apple!
  10. Eat an apple a day…it just might help keep the doctor away. Especially when it’s part of an already plant-powered diet.

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