Are you ready to #UnjunkYourDiet?

I have written this book to help guide you through the basics of whole food nutrition and chronic inflammation and give you the tools to lean in (or dive in!) to an anti-inflammatory lifestyle with 4 different eating approaches and recipes that are insanely delicious and centered around plant foods.

Writing this book has been a serious labour of love. It is my way of helping you clear through the nutrition confusion and harness the power of plant foods to feel crazy good for the rest of your life. No deprivation, no guilt, no garbage.

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What others are saying about UnJunk Your Diet:

“Move over Marion Nestle, Desiree Nielsen is taking the reins in decoding and decluttering nutrition. Un-Junk Your Diet is a delightful read with nutrition depth, scope, and authenticity. Desiree’s humorous and relaxed approach creates an enjoyable reading experience. Whether you are just embarking on a path of ‘un-junking’ your diet or you’re a professional looking for renewed hope in today’s diet-minded society, Un-Junk Your Diet is the book to read! This book is a journey, one that will wind you down a path where you can feel success—from small, attainable goals to landmark changes. From quizzes and grocery lists to scrumptious recipes, Un-Junk Your Diet has it all—it’s your one-stop-shop nutrition prescription! As a registered dietitian, I look forward to sending this book to those I love and recommending for all of my clients. Un-Junk Your Diet is a breath of fresh air in a society dense with toxic, creatively marketed, food smog!”

—Wendy Jo Peterson, MS, RD, CSSD sports dietitian and culinary nutritionist, co-author of the Mediterranean Diet Cookbook For Dummies and Adrenal Fatigue for Dummies

As soon as you open this book, you realize Desiree Nielsen is the best friend you wish you had.  Written in her voice, Un-junk Your Diet is not out to sell you on some fad diet but to show you how to change your life in a way you never imagined.  The facts will shock you.  The self-assessments will open your eyes. The meal plans will inspire you and the more than forty pages of mouth-watering recipes will leave you salivating for a healthier life. We all need a friend to cheer us on and keep us on the right path.  When it comes to nutrition, there is no better friend to have than Desiree.”

—Jason “The Germ Guy” Tetro, microbiologist and author of The Germ Code: How To Stop Worrying And Love The Microbes

“Un-Junk Your Diet is the survival guide to help [you] navigate the toxic food environment we live in today. Desiree is a true leader, giving the reader inspiration, knowledge, understanding, many laughs, and most importantly the (survival) skills to un-junk their own diet, leading [them] to a happier and healthier place.

  • Veronica Kacinik, MSc RD, Registered Dietitian, Medical Weight Management Centre, Vancouver BC

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Great News! Un-Junk Your Diet will be available as a paperback in January 2017!


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“Desiree was an amazing partner. Her extensive scientific knowledge helped me understand how exactly my gut functions and how it can be repaired.”
IBS Client