Banish The Bloat Digestive Health Program

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Banish the Bloat is not just a book; it is a complete digestive health program to help you get your tummy troubles sorted over 21 days.

Why choose Banish the Bloat?
My Banish the Bloat program is the result of what I have learned in my private practice, helping clients with digestive issues such as gas, bloating, troublesome elimination and irritable bowel syndrome. I created Banish the Bloat because I wanted to compile the most comprehensive version of my advice in a way that I just can’t deliver in my one hour sessions.

In addition, because some people find adapting to a low FODMAP protocol a bit challenging, I have provided a tasty and healthy seven day meal plan that takes the guess work out of making the right food choices. It is designed to fit into real life and you can follow the meal plan as is or mix and match your favourite recipes to make healthy eating simple.

As a registered dietitian, I am committed to providing eating guidelines that are grounded in science and a deep understanding of the physiology of the body. I have over seven years of experience in counselling clients to help them thrive with whole foods. Banish the Bloat goes beyond just healthy eating…to help you harness the power of good nutrition to help your body perform at its best.

I hope that Banish the Bloat helps free you from your tummy troubles, just as many of my clients have experienced in my practice.

Banish the Bloat 21 Day Challenge e-Guide includes:
  • 21 Days of Digestive Health Lessons to create a deeper understanding of digestion and how nutrition impacts the digestive system
  • 21 Days of Journaling to help you reflect on your health and your symptoms and note progress. Journals are a fillable and printable PDF so that you can fill them out on your tablet (with the correct software) or computer and share them with your health professional.
  • A Full Seven Day Low-FODMAP Meal Plan customizable for omnivore or plant-based diets
  • A Reintroduction Guide to help guide you out of the 21 day plan towards a healthier future
  • This program is a comprehensive strategy that addresses multiple root causes of digestive distress, including mind-body approaches.

Your purchase of Banish the Bloat also grants you access to our private Facebook Community for social support and to get tips and advice directly from Desiree.


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“Desiree was an amazing partner. Her extensive scientific knowledge helped me understand how exactly my gut functions and how it can be repaired.”
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