I am available for on air interviews, quotes, blog writing, story consulting and article contributions. I have seven years of media experience, both locally in the Vancouver market, and nationally. I enjoy providing commentary on current nutrition research and maintain a commitment to evidence-based, yet relevant and forward thinking, nutrition practice.

My vegetarian cooking show, Urban Vegetarian, airs at various times on Gusto TV in Canada and Singapore in addition to Z Living US and is currently streaming on Amazon Prime in the US.

I currently hold a weekly nutrition segment on AM1150 (Kelowna) 6:20AM Tuesdays in addition to appearing monthly on Global TV Weekend (BC) and Breakfast Television (Vancouver). I am also a regular guest on CJAD800 (Montreal).
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Recent Selected Appearances


Jan 5 Global News Online: A $50 Dollar Grocery List to Help you Eat Healthy
Jan 6 Global BC Weekend News: Elevate 2018 Challenge Week 2
Jan 8 BT Vancouver: Four Ways to Start 2018 With More Energy (in partnership with Jamieson vitamins)
Jan 12 Women’s Health Magazine (Online) High Potassium Foods
Jan 13 Global BC Weekend News: Elevate 2018 Challenge Week 3
Jan 13 Global News Online: 8 Pantry Staples that Expire Sooner Than You Think
February ELLE Canada: Diet is a Four Letter Word
Apr 17 Women’s Health Magazine (Online) High Protein Snacks


ALIVE Magazine US Ask our experts
ALIVE Magazine Canada: Unpacking Diet Trends
January 4 BT Vancouver Healthier 2017 Without Deprivation
January 5 Women’s World Magazine Healthy Smoothie Bowl Recipes
January 7 Global BC Weekend What is mindful eating?
January 9 HuffPo Canada Living How to Go Meatless
January 14 Global BC Weekend Mindful Eating Week 2: Roasted Shiitake Salad
January 20 CP24 Breakfast The Urban Vegetarian
January 20 CTV Your Morning Healthier Desserts
January 20 The Social How to Un-Junk Your Diet
January 21 Global BC Weekend Mindful Eating Week 3: Coffee and Alcohol Alternatives
January 28 Global BC Weekend Mindful Eating Week 4: How to stay mindful
February 3 Etalk Recipes from the Urban Vegetarian
February 10 BT Vancouver Is Sugar Addictive? 
March 8 CTV Morning Live Healthier Options for Stress Snacking  (sponsored segment)
March 12 Global BC Weekend Simple food fixes for common ailments
March 23 Marilyn Denis Show Vegetarian Lasagna from The Urban Vegetarian
April 4 BT Vancouver The health benefits of spices
April 28 Global National Online Saturated Fat and Heart Disease
May Best Health Magazine Anti-Inflammatory Diet Basics
May 17 BT Vancouver Plant-based swaps to put a spring in your step (in partnership with CA almonds)
May 2017 SELF Magazine Online Not all Probiotics are Created Equal
June 7 Global News Online Reality Check: Will ACV help you lose weight?
June 8 BT Vancouver Healthy DIY Ice creams
June 11 Global BC Almost Instant Snacks to Help You Beat the Afternoon Slump (in partnership with CA almonds)
June 23 PostMedia The Urban Vegetarian’s Desiree Nielsen bust 4 myths about plant-based diets
June 28 Global News Online: Are vegetable chips healthy? 
July 5 BT Vancouver Eating Well on a Budget
July 10 Global News Online: Wine and Longevity
July 30 Global Weekend News: Gluten free breakfasts for every personality (in partnership with Nature’s Path)
Summer 2016 Vista Magazine Get clear about sugar and your health
August 2 Global News Online: Superfoods that aren’t worth the hype
August 2 Saute Magazine (Orange County): How to introduce vegetables to your toddlers
August 12 Global News Online: 10 Underrated Superfoods
August 20 Global BC Weekend News: Ask the Expert: All about oils
August 25 BT Vancouver Why you need nutritional yeast in your pantry
August 30 Clean Plates 11 Foods to Ease Stomach Troubles
Sept 14 Global News Online: 5 Tasty Foods to Fight Inflammation
Sept 26 CTV Morning Live Making Earl Grey Tea Loaf in partnership with So Fresh Oat Milk
Oct 5 BT Vancouver Yummy (Vegan!) Thanksgiving Sides
Oct 5 Fleet Street Mag Where Veg-obsessed Chefs and Foodies Love to Eat in Toronto
Oct 5 Women’s Health Magazine Online 7 Ways to Make Sure Salad Bars Don’t Sabotage Your Diet
Oct 18 Georgia Straight Desiree Nielsen dissects the season’s biggest plant-based trends
Nov 3 Global News Online: Is soy healthy?
Nov 13 Global News Online: Are vegetarian ‘meats’ healthy?
Nov 14 BT Vancouver All about the power of magnesium
Nov 19 Global BC Healthy Picks at the Mall for Holiday Shopping Season
Dec 2 Darling Mag Online Beyond Golden Milks
Dec 14 Women’s Health Online The Most Underrated Veg at the Store 


January 2 Global BC #Energize2016 Week 1 Challenge
January 2 CBC North by Northwest How to Eat Healthier in 2016
January 4 BT Vancouver Debunking Popular Diets
anuary 9 Global BC #Energize2016 Week 2 Challenge
anuary 16 Global BC #Energize2016 Week 3 Challenge
January 22 BT Vancouver Get to know pulses
January 23 Global BC #Energize2016 Week 4 Challenge
January 30 Global BC #Energize2016 Final Week
February Live Better Magazine Four ways to treat common tummy troubles
February 18 CanadianLiving.com Foods that Boost Gut Health
ebruary 2 The Daily Meal What are probiotics?
March 13 Toronto Sun Wood Pulp with your Penne?
April Best Health Magazine The Truth About Gluten Free
April 3 The Province (Vancouver) Is Canada’s Food Guide leading to obesity?
April 12 BT Vancouver Canada’s Food Guide + How to Get More Plants on Your Plate
April 24 Global BC Clever ways to get more fruits and veg on your plate
May Access Health (Lifetime) Meet the first Veggie-based Non-Dairy Milk (sponsored segment)
May 11 Naturally Savvy on Radio MD How do probiotics work? 
May The Balancing Act (Lifetime) Get to Know Veggemo (sponsored segment)
May 15 Global BC How to make your gluten free diet healthier
May 26 Yahoo Style Does the Thinsulin Diet Work? 
June Chatelaine Magazine Get off the Sugar Rollercoaster
June Canadian Living Magazine Farmers Market Finds (authored article)
June Oxygen Magazine How to Eat Before a Competition
June 8 HuffPo Blog Making healthy choices this summer is easier than you think
June 12 Global BC Power Foods for Men’s Health Week 
June 23 BT Vancouver Healthy Food Choices for Women at Every Age
uly 8 HuffPo Blog There’s a simple reason why people ignore nutritionists’ advice
July 17 Global BC Healthy Frozen Treats
August South Florida Parenting Magazine and Sun Sentinel Online Go with your Gut
August 23 BT Vancouver Healthy Frozen Treats
September 18 Global BC Weekend Nut Free Lunches
September 20 HuffPo Blog Beginner’s Guide to Nut Free Lunches (supported by Nature’s Path)
Canadian Living Online Superfood smoothie powders
October Canadian Living Eat Your Antioxidants
October 1 Eat This Not That 20 Foods the Spoil the Fastest
October 15 Toronto Star Is it okay to eat the same thing everyday? 
October 19 CJAD Montreal Staying healthy through the winter
October 20 BT Vancouver Five Crazy Facts about your Gut
November Family Circle Magazine Anti-Inflammatory Snacks (authored article)
November Chatelaine Magazine Health Benefits of Turmeric
November FASHION Magazine Nutrition and Supplements to Boost Winter Mood
November 27 Global BC Have a healthy holiday – deprivation free
December 12 Global BC What is the ketogenic diet?


January Vista Magazine: Get Cultured! (Contributor Article)
January 1 CJAD (Montreal): Getting healthy in the New Year
January 5 CBC Radio (Early Edition): Getting back on track for the New Year
January 7 Spice Radio (Vancouver): Post-Holiday Weight Loss
January 11 Global BC Weekend:
January 12 BT (Vancouver)  Tips for Making Healthy Choices at the Grocery Store
January 25 Global BC Weekend:
February Today’s Dietitian What’s New in the Dairy Free Aisle
February 4 CJAD (Montreal):
February 22 Global BC Weekend: Healthy Oscar Snacks
March Chatelaine Magazine: 10 Ways to Improve Digestion
March 18 CJAD (Montreal):
March 22 Global BC Weekend:
March 27 CBC Radio (BC Almanac): Superfoods for Active Lives
April 19 Global BC Weekend:
May ALIVE Magazine: Probiotics and Chronic Inflammation
May 6 CJAD (Montreal):
May 7 BT (Vancouver) Busting Gluten Free Myths:
June 17 CJAD (Montreal): Should You Go Vegan?
June 21 Global BC Weekend: Eating for a Healthy Pregnancy
July Vista Magazine Aphrodisiac Foods
July 2 BT (Vancouver): Test Your Hydration Smarts
July 7 Brides.com: How to Banish the Bloat
July 15/16 CBC Syndication (19 affiliates nationwide) Hydration Myths/Facts
July 19 Global BC Weekend Smart Swaps for Summertime Snacks
July 27 CBC Vancouver News: Does Kale Live Up To Its Hype?
July 29 CJAD (Montreal): Everyday Superfoods: Beans, Fermented Foods
August 6 BT (Vancouver) Health Foods Not Worth the Money
August Global BC Weekend Packing for a Healthy Roadtrip
September Best Health Magazine “Secrets of the Slim”
September 14 BT (Vancouver) Healthy and Convenient Cooking with Tuna (Sponsor: Oceans)
September 14 HuffPo Living What Dietitians Would Eat At Kelsey’s
September 21 Globe and Mail Partner Feature: Organic Advantage (Sponsor: Nature’s Path)
October 13 HuffPo Living: What Dietitians Would Eat At Cactus Club
October 13 Spice Radio Probiotics
October 15 HuffPo Foods for Health: Gluten Free Vegan Proteins
October 18 Global BC Weekend Fall Food Trends
October 21 Fairchild TV Probiotics
October 24/25 CFAX Victoria Weekend Wellness Show: Anti-inflammatory Nutrition + Probiotics
November 2 Toronto Star: Beware of the Fun-sized Candy
November 13 Tuja Wellness: Inflammation and Probiotics
November 15 Global BC Weekend: Foods to protect dry winter skin
November Best Health Online: Common Probiotic Mistakes and The Benefits of Fermented Foods
November Vista Magazine: Warming Foods for Cold and Flu Season