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My name is Desiree, and I am a registered dietitian, author and ambassador for the good (for you) life. I am the host of The Urban Vegetarian, a new vegetarian cooking show on Gusto TV.

I spend WAY too much time thinking about my next meal. I love rocking out in the kitchen and digging in my little garden. I travel for the purpose of eating. My pet peeves include shoddy nutrition information and chia seeds in my teeth – it’s an occupational hazard. I hoard cookbooks but rarely cook from a recipe. And it took me 5 years to get my kid to like kale (persistence is my middle name).

Eating well isn’t just about nutrients…the foods we choose to eat can either break our bodies down over time or nourish our cells and restore our health and vitality. I take an integrative approach to nutrition and I can show you the power of plant foods to transform and re-energize your mind and body.

I believe in real food for real life: healthy eating should be delicious, simple and fun. No deprivation, no guilt, no garbage. Join me and discover what it means to be truly nourished.

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The Healthy (Conscious) Interview: Melissa Nkomo

Taking care of yourself is critical in these crazy times. Of course, when we need it most, it is often the first thing that falls off our plate. So how do we make time for our selves? Perhaps it’s by infusing an attitude of self-care into the things we need to do everyday, like washing our […]

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Turmeric Ginger and Mango Smoothie

Let’s talk turmeric, shall we? My love of turmeric shows no signs of slowing down. I love the earthy, spicy note it adds to my dishes and how grounded I feel when I eat it. Turmeric has the ability to help fight chronic inflammation and it may even have a prebiotic effect for a healthier […]

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Heartbeat…the February 2017 playlist

Music to get your heart beating…happy heart month, everyone xo  

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“Desiree was an amazing partner. Her extensive scientific knowledge helped me understand how exactly my gut functions and how it can be repaired.”
IBS Client