I have witnessed the transformative power that plant-centred anti-inflammatory nutrition has for my clients and I am so grateful that I get to share this message through writing, speaking and one-on-one counselling to reach as many people as possible.

From corporate nutrition to product development to helping you live your healthiest life, our team of dietitians has you covered. In practice, we take an integrative approach that blends evidence-informed guidance with a strong knowledge of supplementation and plant-based food preparation to help make results achievable. We believe that the nutritional consulting process is a collaboration between the dietitian and client.  The ‘best’ evidence in the world is of little use if it doesn’t fit how you live your life.

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One on One Nutrition Consulting

We work with clients with all kinds of goals, from balancing blood sugars to getting more plants on the family table. Of course, we do play favourites. Our three core areas of expertise are anti-inflammatory nutrition, digestive health and plant-centred eating. Making change takes work but we promise, this won’t hurt a bit. See how amazing plant-centred eating can help you feel.

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Speaking and Corporate Wellness

We like to talk nutrition. A lot. We don’t mince words but we also don’t wag the finger, ‘food police’ style. Whether you have an audience of 50 or 1050, we will help them reignite their spark for healthy eating with a realistic, positive and slightly irreverent take on cutting edge nutrition topics. Desiree is available for larger groups, conferences and special events; corporate lunch and learns are supported by Jess.

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Media and Brand Partnerships

Looking for a passionate, positive voice? Desiree has over ten years of experience in local and national media as well as hosting and writing; her audience appreciates her fresh, relatable, evidence-based take on current nutrition trends. Desiree loves working with conscious, plant-centred food and supplement brands. Integrity in partnerships matters to me and my audience: I have high standards for the companies I collaborate with.

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