Did someone say tacos?? These incredible crumbled tofu vegan tacos are SO easy to make because the tofu crumbles are hands off, baked on a sheet pan for the perfect texture. They’re low FODMAP thanks to an easy homemade taco seasoning blend, high in protein and make a great vegan taco salad too.

hand holding vegan tofu taco
These yummy crumbled tofu tacos are SUPER kid friendly when served with basics like vegan cheese and mild salsa.

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If there is one meal that is always a hit in this house, it’s tacos. And while I love dreaming up all kinds of fun, creative vegan tacos … I have to admit, my kids prefer “fake meat” tacos to ones made with vegetables or black beans. So, I have been on a mission to create a wholesome tofu taco meat that my kids like as much as the store bought kind. 

As a plant-based dietitian, I want the world to eat more tofu. Tofu is such an incredible plant-based protein – with more than 10 grams of protein per half cup – plus it’s a low FODMAP vegan option for those with sensitive tummies. Which is why I used a lot of tofu in my gut health cookbook, Good For Your Gut. It makes it easy to keep your protein up on the low FODMAP diet.

I think these amazing crumbled tofu tacos will have you jumping on the tofu wagon too. 

They’ve got a nostalgic Tex Mex taco kit vibe if you serve them with grated vegan cheese and salsa. And if you’re looking for an upgrade, I’m sharing an easy pickled jalapeno slaw and spicy mayo drizzle that comes together so fast that you’ll even have the kitchen cleaned up by the time the crumbles pop out of the oven.

Your Crumbled Tofu Taco Shopping List

You don’t need a lot of ingredients to make these easy crumbled tofu tacos! Just 5 ingredients for the tofu crumbles, plus tortillas and your favourite toppings (may I suggest a delicious jalapeno slaw and spicy mayo drizzle??)

tofu crumbles ingredients in bowls
Just 5 ingredients – extra firm tofu, oil, soy sauce, tomato paste and taco seasoning – to make tofu crumbles for tacos!
  • Extra-firm tofu: Extra-firm tofu has the best texture for crumbling, in my opinion. It’s the style of tofu I use most often. Most – but not all – tofu is set with calcium, which massively increases the bone benefits. Just look for calcium on the ingredients!
  • Avocado oil: I like neutral-flavoured avocado oil here because it’s high in monounsaturated fats for heart health, but you can use any neutral flavoured cooking oil you have on hand. 
  • Soy sauce or tamari: Soy sauce (or gluten free tamari!) will lend a salty, umami boost to help these crumbles taste more like ground.
  • Tomato paste: my not-so-secret umami booster for tacos! A bit tangy, lots of umami and a hint of natural sweetness. It’s the game changer – don’t skip it.
  • Taco seasoning: I’ve linked my easy homemade low FODMAP taco seasoning in the recipe below, but if you have storebought taco seasoning (low FODMAP if necessary) that works too!
  • Pickled jalapeno slaw and spicy mayo: you’ll need to pick up some bagged coleslaw mix, fresh cilantro, jarred pickled jalapeno slices, and some vegan mayo…which you can also use to make a spicy mayo with some hot sauce (I like Valentina’s Extra Hot) and fresh lime.

FAQ: Is tofu healthy?

There is a lot of misinformation about tofu on the internet, so I’ve written a whole post about the nutritional benefits of tofu. The coles notes? Tofu is an amazing, nutrient-dense plant food rich in plant-based protein. The phytoestrogens it contains ARE NOT the same as your body’s own estrogen. 

Tofu also contains a surprising amount of minerals so important on a plant-based diet, like enough calcium to almost rival a glass of milk in a single half cup of calcium set tofu (265 mg). Plus plenty of iron (2 mg) and zinc (1 mg) important for immunity, gut health and building your red blood cells.

If you didn’t grow up eating tofu, I know you might feel uncertain about how to cook it…which is why I love sharing plant-based recipes with tofu so you can fall in love with this versatile and nutritious food. You can give tofu crunch. You can scramble tofu for breakfast. Or, you can whip tofu up into a silky chocolate mousse that NO ONE will believe is tofu.

How to make these crumbled tofu tacos 

Tacos. From scratch. In 30 minutes? Yep, that was not a typo. In fact, by the time the tofu crumbles come out of the oven, the table will be set and the kitchen will be tidy.

Making the tofu crumbles in the oven accomplishes two feats: one, it makes this recipe more hands off and two, the tofu gets dried out and crunchy/chewy in a way you just can’t do on the stovetop without accidentally burning it (I speak from experience).

Step One: season the crumbled tofu. Whisk up the oil, soy sauce, tomato paste and taco seasoning in a medium bowl and crumble the tofu into the bowl. Use your hands to thoroughly coat the tofu with the mixture.

Step Two: bake the tofu taco crumbles. Pop the tofu into a 400 F (200 C) oven for 15 minutes, stir, and then bake for another 5-10 minutes, depending on whether you want them more tender or more chewy/crunchy.

Step Three: prep the slaw while the tofu cooks. You’ll mix up the slaw with some chopped cilantro and pickled jalapeno slices, then toss it in a bit of lime, mayo and salt. 

Step Four: mix up the spicy mayo. Stir some vegan mayo with as much hot sauce as you want, a tablespoon of fresh lime juice plus some salt.

Step Five: enjoy! You can serve all the components on the table, so people can build their own tacos…or you can assemble them in advance. If you have them, taco stands are really helpful so the tacos don’t fall over when you serve them to your family…but also not necessary.

Feeling a vegan taco salad instead?

By accident, I discovered that this recipe makes a killer taco salad. The slaw recipe as written makes enough for 1 serving of salad. So if you want to serve 4, just quadruple the slaw recipe: 8 cups slaw, 2 cups cilantro, 1 cup jalapeños etc…

To assemble a crumbled tofu taco salad, use slaw as the base, add the tofu crumbles, drizzle with spicy mayo and – this is the kicker – crush a handful of tortilla chips over the salad. A handful of my spicy pepitas is delicious too.

Tips, Tricks and Substitutions

  • The slaw, sauce and tofu crumbles will keep well in the fridge, stored separately in airtight containers, for up to 4 days.
  • Want a restaurant-style upgrade? Grill your tortillas before serving. Heat tortillas over medium until browned in spots, watching over them like a hawk, perhaps 1-2 minutes a side. Keep them warm in a tortilla warmer.
  • You can absolutely serve these crumbled tofu tacos with any of your favourite fixings, from straight up salsa and vegan sour cream to roasted veggies. Want to switch up the sauce? Try a cashew cream drizzle or avocado sauce (not low FODMAP)!
  • These tacos aren’t too spicy on purpose…because that can be irritating to sensitive guts…but if you are here for the spice, be sure to increase the hot sauce as much as you dare!

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hand holding vegan tofu taco

30 Minute Crumbled Tofu Vegan Tacos

Did someone say tacos?? These incredible crumbled tofu vegan tacos are SO easy to make because the tofu crumbles are baked, hands off, on a sheet pan for the perfect texture. They’re low FODMAP thanks to an easy homemade taco seasoning blend, high in protein and make a great vegan taco salad too.
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Tofu Crumbles

  • 12 ounces extra firm tofu, patted dry with paper towel
  • 2 tablespoons avocado oil, or other neutral oil
  • 2 tablespoons soy sauce, or gluten free tamari
  • 2 tablespoons low FODMAP taco seasoning, or regular, if you're not low FODMAP!
  • 1 tablespoon tomato paste

Pickled Jalapeño Slaw

  • 2 cups coleslaw mix, roughly chopped
  • ½ cup cilantro, leaves and tender stems, chopped
  • ¼ cup pickled jalapeño slices, chopped (I used Mezzetta "tamed" slices)
  • 1 tablespoon vegan mayo
  • pinch salt
  • squeeze fresh lime juice

Spicy Mayo

  • ¼ cup vegan mayo, or plain yogurt
  • 1-2 tablespoons hot sauce, garlic free, I use Valentina's Extra Hot
  • 1 tablespoon freshly squeezed lime juice
  • ¼ teaspoon salt

For Serving

  • 8 small (6 inch/15 cm) tortillas, or 12 x 4 inch//10 cm tortillas. Gluten free corn tortillas for low FODMAP friends!


  • Preheat the oven to 400℉ (200℃). Prepare a rimmed baking sheet with parchment paper.
  • In a medium bowl, whisk oil, soy sauce, taco seasoning and tamari until smooth. Crumble the tofu into the sauce mixture and using a fork or your hands, work the mixture into tofu so it's evenly coated.
  • Spread the tofu onto the baking sheet and bake for 15 minutes. Stir, then bake for 5-10 more, less for a more tender crumble and more for a crispy/chewy crumble (that's what I do!).
  • While the tofu crumbles are baking, mix the slaw ingredients together in a medium bowl.
  • In a small bowl, mix the spicy mayo ingredients together.
  • Serve the taco crumbles with tortillas, topped with slaw and spicy mayo.


Prefer a taco salad? Quadruple the slaw recipe, then use the slaw as the base of the salad. Top with tofu crumbles, spicy mayo and – bonus! – crushed tortilla chips.