Looking for a passionate, positive speaker who can inspire change?

We are experienced, engaging speakers ready to create a memorable event for your audience. Jess Pirnak handles our corporate lunch and learn style opportunities. Jess also enjoys collaborating with businesses on customized, on-site wellness solutions to help improve employee eating habits.

Desiree is available for special events appearances and hosting duties, keynote lectures and conferences.

Our Most Requested Sessions:

Un-Junk Your Diet: 10 simple steps to help fight inflammation and create vibrant health

The companion workshop to Desiree’s book, Un-Junk Your Diet. We will walk you through the basics of chronic inflammation: what it is and how diet and digestive troubles contribute to inflammation. Learn which foods are powerful anti-inflammatory choices and how an anti-inflammatory diet can help improve energy levels, digestive troubles and reduce your risk for chronic disease.

You Are What You Eat: How Our Eating Habits are Transforming Our Waistlines and Quality of Life

Our food supply has transformed dramatically over the last 50 years; a move to a more industrialized food system has created a host of modern ‘foodstuffs’ that promote obesity and chronic disease. Learn more about how modern ‘foods’ impact metabolism, how nutrition knowledge is evolving with the research and leave with 5 simple ‘food rules’ to help you live a healthier life.

Fight Diabesity with Your Fork: What you put on your plate can determine your metabolic fate

Diabesity affects more than 9 million Canadians. This complex syndrome affects our energy levels, our disease risk and our quality of life; much of our troubles are contributed by the foods we choose to consume. Learn how conditioned hyper-overeating and food systems play into our food choices in addition to integrative nutrition approaches to help you with blood sugar regulation and maintaining a healthy weight.

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“Extraordinary engagement with audience. Compelling practicality. Wonderful energy. An amazing ability to take complex, physiological and scientific subject matter and frame it in the language of the layperson without losing the significance of the message. I’ve been attending events for more than 30 years and seldom have I met a speaker that engaged with the audience as quickly and deeply as Desiree did at an event I attended in Georgia. After being in the audience where I first heard Desiree speak, the client and two members of my firm that were accompanying me agreed unanimously to create space for Desiree to speak in an upcoming all-day event we’d scheduled.”

Howard Kettner, CEO and Founder, GroupHealth Solutions