Growing up, life happened around my grandparent’s kitchen table. Food formed the rhythm of our days…so I feel a special connection to others who share that love of connecting over a meal. And a few years ago, I had the pleasure of connecting with our guest, Asha Wheeldon, over a meal that she co-hosted with a mutual friend.

Asha Wheeldon of Kula Foods on the Allsorts Podcast
Asha Wheeldon is the community builder, entrepreneur and CEO behind Kula Foods and Chop It Up!

Especially at this time of year, I think we are all acutely reminded of just how deep our feelings about food are…it’s why certain foods give us so much comfort perhaps because a parent used to make a certain dish anytime we were sad or under the weather. Or how around the holidays, so many of us make the same dishes over and over again and give side eye anyone tries to come up with a modern twist on those beloved meals. 

Which is why I’m so excited to talk to Asha Wheeldon today. Asha is the founder and CEO of Kula Foods; it was Asha’s love of the Afro-Caribbean flavours she grew up with in Kenya and Toronto that inspired her to start her own Afro-Vegan food business. We talk about the role that food played in her early family life in Kenya and the transitions her family made when they immigrated to Canada and then again when Asha headed to the West Coast. We talk about entrepreneurship, vegan living, building community and more…I’m so excited to share her story of food, community and entrepreneurship with you all.

About Asha Wheeldon:

Asha Wheeldon is a community builder, entrepreneur and mother of two who is all about amplifying Black owned businesses and bringing people together. As the Founder and CEO of Kula Foods and Co-founder of Chop It Up! she is on a mission to connect communities through nutritious, 100% plant-based food that’s reflective of her multicultural experiences.

On this episode we chat about:

  • The food ways that grounded Asha’s childhood in Kenya
  • What it was like to experience Canadian food culture for the first time
  • How her health changed once she adopted a fully North American style diet
  • How husband’s plant-forward family helped her reconnect to her plant-forward roots
  • What inspired Asha to start Kula on the West Coast
  • The health hiccup that crystalized her plant-based path
  • The reality of starting a consumer packaged good (CPG) business with a toddler and a pandemic
  • The deep lessons Asha has learned through entrepreneurship
  • Asha’s favourite plant-based eats in Vancouver

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