What does it mean to you to ‘eat well’…and where did those beliefs and ideas come from? 

I find myself asking these types of questions more and more as I realize that so many of my beliefs around success, happiness and yes, health, came from a very specific + one sided dialogue in our culture. And I am so consistently inspired by folks who embody a different way of being: one that feels abundant and joyful, while staying in your integrity. One that prioritizes rest and pleasure no matter what life throws at them.

Meet Diala.

This week I am talking to one of the most delightful humans on the internet, Diala Canelo, author, photographer and creator of Diala’s Kitchen where she shares beautiful plant-forward, pescatarian recipes inspired by her travels and her Dominican culture. 

I speak with Diala about her journey from a 19-year-old who didn’t cook at all to becoming a pastry chef in Mexico City. We also chat about the flavours and culinary customs of her childhood, her extensive travels, and her refreshing philosophy on living well. This is a conversation you won’t want to miss…

About Diala Canelo: 

Diala is the author of Diala’s Kitchen: Plant-forward and Pescatarian Recipes Inspired by Home and Travel as well as the content creator and food photographer behind the popular @dialaskitchen instagram. Diala is based in Toronto, where she lives with her daughters Isabella and Gaby, and her partner Warren.

On this episode we chat about:

  • Why striving to be proud of what you do is better than striving for perfection
  • The importance of eating more than one meal together as a family 
  • Growing up in the Dominican Republic and the flavours, spices, and fragrances of the country’s cuisine
  • Why “elevating” foods from other countries is a term that needs the boot, stat. 
  • What it means to be a creator in the food world and how cultural appropriation is harming creators of colour
  • The importance of understanding “impact” over “intention” when it comes to appropriation
  • Why she refuses to work with brands that ask her to talk about “guilt free” eating or cooking
  • Why Diala is “pro-age” and believes that years offer us liberation
  • Why creators need to create primarily for themselves, especially in the face of social media algorithms that hide content when we don’t play their game
  • Why we need “a new relationship with this app.” 

Connect with Diala:

Website: www.dialaskitchen.com 

Instagram: @dialaskitchen

Twitter: @dialaskitchen

Diala’s Book: Diala’s Kitchen

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