Life is meant to constantly evolve: we are not the same person we were yesterday. Aging is a part of this human existence that each one of us experiences. I mean, the alternative is literally no longer living. No thanks! 

And yet, so much of the narrative around getting older is one of fading into the background. As a member of the over 40 club, I reject it entirely. In so many ways, I feel like I am just getting started. But we also have to acknowledge the transitions inherent in aging and support each other through them. Like how my mind feels like a hard drive that needs defragmenting. Or the energetic exhaustion that can take hold.

Which is why I am excited to share this conversation with Dr Lisa Petty PhD. Her work focuses on how we take care of ourselves in midlife, and what influences our behaviours. We get into a lot of juicy territory here, from how women tend to stay silent on the challenges inherent in life’s transitions, from  menstruation and menopause to motherhood and why this silence hurts us. We also talk about the very real challenges of getting older, from overwhelm to alterations in cognitive function and why they occur. 

There is so much for women of every age in this episode, I hope you love it!

dr lisa petty on allsorts podcast

About Dr Lisa Petty:

Dr Lisa Petty began her career as a holistic nutritionist who quickly became recognized internationally as a speaker, journalist, award-winning author and media health expert who believes that healthy living is simple – although it often isn’t easy. When her children became adults, Lisa earned her doctorate researching the physical and social factors that influence well-being, with a focus on women at midlife.

On this episode we chat about:

  • The damage we do when we don’t openly share our experiences around hormonal or life changes such as puberty, pregnancy or menopause
  • Embracing the crone archetype
  • How we reinforce the invisibility of aging in society
  • Why intention isn’t enough to commit to self care
  • Dr Lisa’s PhD work around health behaviours and barriers to self care in mid life
  • The surprising motivation for food choices in mid life
  • Simple self care to help to foster a healthy brain when mood or memory is an issue
  • What the heck is the glymphatic system (NOT the lymphatic!)
  • How routine + ritual liberates your busy mind
  • The supplements Dr Lisa takes everyday
  • Why better brain health starts with sleep
  • Tips to help you beat fatigue

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