To take a page from the legend that is Oprah, if there is one thing I know, it’s that being well is not just about the food we eat. Which is why I called this The Allsorts Podcast…because I wanted to talk about all sorts of things!

I truly believe that our sense of purpose, connection to community and a belief in something larger than ourselves impacts how we perceive the world around us, and ourselves. Which is why I’ve been thinking about doing this episode for a while now. We’re going to talk about faith, religion and spirituality, a topic that I know can be incredibly divisive and triggering for many people. And I could not think of a better person to have this conversation with than my friend Dean Morris, the “rebel” pastor with a very modern take on Christianity.

I feel like I should lay my cards on the table right now: I am not a religious person, despite having been baptised Catholic. In fact, I am wary of the idea of organized religion, because so many harms are inflicted in its name. So I don’t think I could have imagined this episode without knowing Dean. 

This conversation is honest, open and probably contains a lot of hot takes that will surprise you. Dean (who was not raised Christian!) has an incredibly kind, modern and inclusive approach to faith that might change how you view – if not church itself – than the core messages of Christianity. If you’re at all curious, or if you consider yourself a seeker, I hope you’re going to love this conversation!

Dean Morris on The Allsorts Podcast

About Dean Morris: 

Dean Morris is a person who wears many hats…Dad, Teacher, Runner, Podcaster, Pastor, Community organizer, and plant based human. Dean is the co-host of A Little More Good Podcast with Zach Berman.

On this episode we chat about:

  • Dean’s journey to Christianity, growing up without religion
  • How Dean’s love of Rage Against The Machine led him to learning about Jesus
  • Why faith should be about love and freedom
  • How embracing the teachings of spiritual leaders like Jesus and the Buddha would radically change the world for the better
  • How Spiritual community is as central to wellness as nutrition or movement
  • How to move towards spirit/source/God if you have not felt safe in religious spaces
  • The role of prayer and meditation in spiritual connection
  • The challenges of interpreting the Bible when it was not written to us in modern times
  • How plant-based eating aligns with Dean’s interpretation of the Bible
  • How breath connects us to spirit
  • Why an afterlife-focused faith has contributed to the destruction of nature

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Connect with Dean:

Website:  A Little More Good Podcast

Instagram: @deaner @alittlemoregood

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