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Are you plant-curious? Wanting to eat a more plant-focused diet…or perhaps go completely plant-based or vegan?Then you don’t want to miss Episode 4 of The Allsorts Podcast with the talented Catherine Perez, a registered dietitian and creator of the successful @plantbasedrd Instagram account where she shares the most flavourful – and actually doable! – plant-based meals. I knew Catherine was the perfect person to help guide us through finding our own plant-based path, no matter where we are on our healthy eating journey. 

I love Catherine’s down-to-earth and accessible approach to exploring plant-based living. Her cooking is celebrates the abundance of plant-based eating while also helping you feel fully nourished.

About Catherine Perez

Catherine is a registered dietitian with a masters in Human Nutrition. She is a plant-based enthusiast who has been vegan since 2009 and first chose a plant-based lifestyle to improve her overall health. This eventually led to her passion for using this lifestyle to help reduce harm to the environment and all living creatures within her ability. She currently works one-on-one virtually with clients in the employee wellness space while sharing her favorite recipes on her blog and Instagram in hopes of sharing evidence-based nutrition education and easy to approach plant-based recipes.

photo of catherine perez rd

On this episode, we talk about:

  • Catherine’s plant-based journey 
  • The politics of food choices, and how our choices impact others on their journey
  • Why Catherine became a registered dietitian, and what she wishes she’d learned more of in school
  • What we think nutrition is…and what’s actually most important for our health
  • Why you can actually ignore the ever-changing nutrition advice you see on the internet
  • Advice for those wondering if going vegan is the right choice for them
  • Great first steps on the plant-based path and how to make change that works for you
  • How to choose a plant-based milk…cuz there’s like a million of them!
  • How to make bowls as beautiful and flavourful as Catherine does
  • Foods to eat daily if you can…including the most underrated plant food of them all
  • How to get the protein you need and why it matters
  • Supplements for vegans
  • Troubleshooting on a vegan or plant-based diet
  • How going vegan actually increased Catherine’s connection to her Dominican cultural foods
  • How to navigate holidays and social gatherings

Catherine is such an encouraging wealth of information – if you are interested in going plant-based, I know there will be so many goodies here for you! If you’ve got someone new to plant-based eating in your life, be sure to share this with them. Tag us with any Qs or thoughts about the episode @desireenielsenrd @theallsortspod @plantbasedrd. 

And as always, I so appreciate you taking the time to subscribe, rate and review the pod (where possible!). 

Connect with Catherine

Website: Plant-based RD Blog

Instagram: @plantbasedrd

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