With cold and flu season upon us, I know that most of us are looking for every advantage we can find to try and keep our immune system strong and our bodies healthy over the winter season. Which is why you’re going to want to listen to this episode: we’re talking about how the gut microbiome actively supports immunity and how it can help keep you well!

I am so excited to welcome back Dr Robynne Chutkan MD to the podcast, who has a brand new book out today – The Anti-Viral Gut – yep, you read that right. We are going to talk about how our gut can actually help us fend off infections, or at the very least, lessen their severity. For example, did you know that there are certain types of bacteria associated with better outcomes in the face of viral infection?

In this episode we’ll cover how the microbiome supports our immune function as well as exactly what we need to do to build a better microbiome – it’s easier than you think! We also dive deep into how covid messes with your gut, and we talk about the judicious use of medications, including proton pump inhibitors – which, if you’re one of the millions of North Americans on proton pump inhibitors for reflux is a conversation you DON’T want to miss. We talk about what stomach acid actually does for us and what can happen if we suppress it long term. There is so much actionable information in this podcast, you’re going to love it!

Dr Robynne Chutkan on The Allsorts Podcast

About Dr Robynne Chutkan MD:

Dr. Chutkan is an integrative gastroenterologist and the author of Gutbliss, The Microbiome Solution and The Bloat Cure. Educated at Yale and Columbia, she’s on faculty at Georgetown Hospital—and is the founder of the Digestive Center for Wellness and Gutbliss.com. Her expertise includes the microbiome, autoimmune diseases, and gut disorders in women. An avid (but not so flexible) yogi, runner, and squash player, she’s a passionate advocate for more dirt, sweat, and vegetables.

On this episode we chat about:

  • How is the immune system even connected to the gut?
  • What are short chain fatty acids, and why do we need them?
  • Why covid infection messes with your gut function
  • Why your gut bacteria say more about you than your actual DNA
  • 3 concrete – and simple! – ways to change your microbiome
  • Why do we need stomach acid?
  • Why heartburn is NOT excess acid.
  • Dr Chutkan’s 3-2-1 rule to get those plants in consistently
  • What the science says about alternative sweeteners + your microbiome
  • What is the place of alcohol in a pro-gut lifestyle?
  • The one simple habit Dr Chutkan thinks can alleviate 30% of the gut issues she sees
  • The common supplement you might want to skip

Please note that there are a few minor instances where our conversation is not fully weight-neutral.

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Connect with Dr. Chutkan

Instagram: @Gutbliss

Twitter: @DrChutkan

Website: www.DigestiveCenterforWellness.com

Book: The Anti-Viral Gut

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