Something I’m passionate about is that cooking for yourself is one of the most important steps you can take in your personal wellness. When you cook at home, not only do you control what goes into your food but you’ll save a LOT of money, helping ensure that healthy eating is sustainable for you and your family. 

Especially with the cost of food rising globally, knowing how to coax more flavour and enjoyment from simple, budget-friendly ingredients is a skill every single one of us should have. And one that we need to be passing on to our kids, from the time they’re old enough to safely hold a knife. 

Delicious, nutrient-dense food doesn’t have to be finicky or fancy…nor does every single thing you eat need to be MasterChef worthy. But what if cooking doesn’t come easy to you? How do you build the skills you need to be a better cook? This week’s episode with bestselling author, food literacy advocate (and former MasterChef Australia darling!), Alice Zaslavsky, is going to point you in the right direction.

alice zaslavsky on the allsorts podcast

About Alice Zaslavsky:

Alice Zaslavsky is Australia’s friendliest voice in food, helping home cooks connect with the people they love and ideas that matter. An award-winning author, broadcaster, and self-appointed ‘vegelante’, she brings flavour, community and conversation to homes all around the world. 

Alice is the author of In Praise of Veg, which has been published in 11 countries, and the new The Joy of Better Cooking, which is out in Australia and will be released in North America in 2023. A former high school teacher and MasterChef Australia crowd favourite, Alice is a beloved radio and television host in Australia as well as columnist and food literacy advocate as well the creator of Tumami, a line of condiments.

On this episode we chat about:

  • The surprising thing that Alice grew up eating for breakfast
  • How Alice’s upbringing cemented the role of food in her life
  • Why it’s so important to get kids into the kitchen
  • How Alice the high school teacher ended up on MasterChef Australia 
  • Understanding how to season food properly and build flavour
  • Why tasting your food AS you cook is so important
  • All the condiments Alice would put in a beginner’s pantry
  • How to fake a fancy balsamic
  • The ingredient that Alice thinks is the next black truffle
  • The tools Alice uses to create new textures
  • Alice’s back pocket recipes

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Connect with Alice:


Instagram: @aliceinframes

Alice’s Books: In Praise of Veg and The Joy of Better Cooking

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