It’s 2022, can hustle culture just go away now?

Now, more than ever, we need to learn how to slow down…sounds easy,  but it actually takes a lot of courage in our always on society. The courage to reject the idea that you need to be constantly productive. That taking care of yourself needs to look a certain way. That wellness is just something you buy. 

Slowing down isn’t about giving up – although in this episode we do actually talk about how giving up isn’t always a bad thing – it’s about trusting the timing of your path. Knowing that it is more important to stay present and take care of yourself than to check off accomplishments, one after the other. That finding moments of joy, rest and connection everyday is actually part of a successful life, not something you treat yourself to once you’ve reached your goals (because news flash: there will always be another hill to climb!).

If you just breathed a deep sigh of relief reading those last two paragraphs, you’re going to love this conversation with Melissa Nkomo, a mindfulness and movement practitioner championing the idea of slow well being…because, you know, wellness is supposed to make you feel better as opposed to just be another thing on your to do list. I am absolutely obsessed with everything Melissa has to share and I know that you will be too.

melissa nkomo on the allsorts podcast

About Melissa Nkomo:

Melissa Nkomo is a mindfulness and movement practitioner with nearly a decade of experience and training across multiple modalities. Melissa’s own practice of self-exploration, self-regulation, and self-keeping, are the foundation upon which she has built Kunye – a modern mindfulness agency with a new studio location, The Well, that just opened in downtown Vancouver.

At its core, Kunye is the exploration and acknowledgment of the whole Self. Since its inception, Kunye has been a cathartic space for personal growth – for private, public and corporate clients across North America.

On this episode we chat about:

  • Melissa’s journey from business school to skincare to mindfulness + movement
  • How releasing hustle mindset + expectations helped her business evolve
  • Why it’s important to take risks and embrace setbacks as part of success
  • Why it’s important not to transfer ownership of your wellness to someone else
  • How pilates integrates movement + mindfulness
  • What we get wrong about meditation
  • Movement as a pathway to practice the skills you need for life
  • Taking a trauma-informed approach and creating inclusive spaces
  • How she learned to create a sense of safety in her own body as Black woman in wellness
  • Creating supportive boundaries when caring for others
  • The slow wellness framework: inner, outer, higher
  • Her advice for those craving to connect to their bodies + inner knowing 
  • Why taking care of your energetic body is so important to your wellbeing

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