Ever feel like the Instagram version of motherhood is just a little off the rails? Like when you plop your kid in front of a tablet and hope no one’s watching? Or you show up to the bake sale with store-bought cookies? You are in for a treat today…we’re getting into the messy bits of motherhood, entrepreneurship and more with Liz Hammond and Katie Ruddell of Not Your Mommy podcast

Liz Hammond and Katie Ruddell on The Allsorts Podcast
Liz and Katie of Not Your Mommy Podcast talk kids, mini-momming and entrepreneurship on this week’s episode!

When I created this podcast, I called it The Allsorts Podcast not just because I like candy. It’s also because I wanted to talk about all sorts of things. Because wellness isn’t just drinking green juice. It’s about equal access to health care. It’s about sleeping well. And it’s about navigating our roles and responsibilities in a way that fosters open and honest communication and supports our mental health. And today’s conversation with Liz and Katie is all about turning the idea of the picture perfect mommy on its head. Because I don’t know who decided women get a personality transplant just because they’ve had a kid. 

Personally, I’ve always felt at odds with that ‘make it magical’ vision of motherhood. I do not, for example, stay up until midnight baking for the bake sale. Or plan extravagant themed birthday parties. Nor do I send holiday cards with professionally shot family portraits. If you do, and you love it, that’s awesome!! 

But I, for one, embrace B+ parenting as I call it…or as Liz and Katie call it, mini-momming. And they do it with style: I’ve loved listening to their podcast because it’s essentially listening in on two best friends talking about anything and everything that’s on their mind. And I know you’ll love it too!

About Liz and Katie:

Liz Hammond is a copywriter and essayist whose work has been featured in Huffington Post and Vogue. She is currently at work on a memoir about her experience with postpartum depression. Liz lives with her husband and son in Vancouver in a little house filled with love and books.

Katie Ruddell is the owner and founder of the sunshine inspired café group, Kokomo Foods. Before opening the doors to Kokomo’s first location in 2017, Katie spent over 10 years working in marketing and brand strategy in Vancouver. Katie’s relationship with fresh, nourishing food is the result of a lifetime of living and travelling abroad. She became inspired by the accessibility of plant-focused food and how it brought people together, especially when paired with the sun. Years later, Katie left her dream job at lululemon to pursue her five year goal of creating that very thing for her own community.

On this episode we chat about:

  • Liz + Katie’s Lululemon origin story
  • Is entrepreneurship the only way to balance ambition and motherhood?
  • How Liz and Katie made the decision to have kids
  • What they thought motherhood would look like vs what it actually feels like
  • The very real challenges of running a business with small children
  • Rejecting the societal mommy ideal and accepting yourself as you are
  • The ups and downs of feeding kids and trying not to mess them up
  • The circle of neglect, train youtube and other parenting necessities

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