This week, we’re talking about how to get present, slow down and truly savour the act of cooking and eating with Murielle Banackissa, author of the new plant-based cookbook, Savouring. 

Murielle Banackissa on The Allsorts Podcast
Photographer and Cookbook Author Murielle Banackissa joins us on The Allsorts Podcast!

In an always on world, making the time to cook can feel like an impossible task…there’s always another distraction. And as a parent, I know that the relentlessness (and sometimes, thanklessness!) of family food work can make cooking feel more like a chore than a pleasure. 

According to Murielle, cooking is the perfect way to romanticize our lives…even if for only 20 minutes.

And I love this mindset: it’s not about the time spent, it’s about the quality of that time. And given that most of us eat multiple times a day, the act of preparing and enjoying a meal allows us multiple opportunities for mindfulness and pleasure every single day. Which seems like a win to me. 

So how can we make space for cooking in our lives, in a way that’s enjoyable and allows us to welcome a few moments of mindfulness in the middle of a hectic day? In this episode, Murielle shares how she battles distraction in the kitchen so she can get present as well as how her upbringing really celebrated gathering for the family meal and how she continues that spirit in her own home.

Plus, you can expect a fun sort of cookbook author confidential: what Murielle cooks during a busy week (without a recipe!), the super common recipe I have NEVER made from scratch, the pantry staples Murielle can’t live without and her favourite vegan spots in Montreal.

We talk about how to make entertaining a little less intimidating and how to make a recipe your own. I hope this episode inspires you to make cooking a moving meditation that makes everyday a little bit better.

About Murielle Banackissa:

Murielle Banackissa is a food photographer, recipe developer, and food stylist based in Montreal. Outside of spending hours developing new recipes and shooting them in her home studio, Murielle loves paying attention to the details surrounding her as a way to feel more grounded and present. From water droplets resting on leaves after rainfall, to the golden glow of summer nights, to the way yeasted dough rises under the ideal conditions, she is always seeking the magic in seemingly mundane moments.

On this episode we chat about:

  • The diverse food influences that shaped Murielle’s cooking
  • The family meals that inspired Murielle to make meals a special part of her day
  • How she sets herself up to be present in the kitchen
  • Embracing the slow weekend cook
  • What Murielle actually cooks during a busy week
  • What inspired Murielle to go vegan and her surprising advice for new vegans
  • Murielle’s approach to entertaining
  • The go-to ingredients that Murielle relies on in cooking
  • Murielle’s advice for anyone who wants to start a food career

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