Last month I was at the epic Canadian Health Food Association trade show in Vancouver. I always feel like a kid in a (gluten free-vegan-no refined sugar) candy store at these things! So many cool new foods to try… so I thought I would share some of my favourite picks with you here. Keep an eye out for these in your local health food store and let me know some of your favourite new food picks over on Facebook!

Jovial Gluten Free Pasta

I have been waiting for a very, very long time for Jovial products to arrive in Canada. I discovered them on vacation in Kauai of all places.

Jovial makes what I think is the most delicious gluten free pasta around. And for those who aren’t gluten free, they also offer products made from ancient Einkorn wheat. This company takes a farmer-first approach and just really seems to be committed to producing high quality food in an ethical, sustainable manner. Check them out.

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Heart Snax

Whole food, protein rich, low in sugar, super high in minerals? Sounds like my new favourite emergency stash food. These little babies aren’t even in the stores yet so you are getting a sneak peak…but they are tastier than sesame snacks. You will love them!

Green Garbanzos

It is kind of hard to come up with new whole foods…give the nature of well, nature and all. So it is pretty exciting to see a totally new food option like these green garbanzos. They are to chickpeas what edamame is to soybeans. Picked fresh, like a vegetable with a pea-like flavour. Super good. Only at Costco in Canada at this point, I think.

For recipes with Green Garbanzos, click here.

SprouTofu from Wildwood

It’s no secret…I love organic tofu. I really do; the texture is so versatile and it allows me to cook some more standard recipes without always having beans rolling out of my dish – like tacos and sandwiches! This organic tofu is quite unique in that it is made from sprouted soybeans – so for those that have found tofu a bit hard on the digestive system, this may help. Sprouting may also help improve nutrient availability. To me, it is simply delicious.

Whole Sorghum

Sorghum is very unique in that it is a true cereal grain that just so happens to be gluten free. I really encourage people to experiment with intact grains more often – cook up a big batch and try making a breakfast porridge out of it; sauté it with leeks and mushrooms as a side dish or toss the grains into a soup or casserole. My friend Heather says you can even pop it like popcorn!

Learn more about sorghum and why it is so fantastic here.

PS – This is NOT a sponsored post…just sharing the foods that I am excited to eat myself!