I get bored easily…which largely explains my decision to become an entrepreneur.

Of course, when it comes to food, that means that I am not one of those eaters who eats the same breakfast and lunch everyday. If it works for you, it really does streamline things. Did I mention, simplifying my life is not something I am good at? If only!

However, there are some things I try and eat everyday – even though the delivery method might change on a daily or weekly basis. What are these foods that get me inspired in the kitchen and feeling energized? Read on!

1. Greens

No surprise here! I eat some kind of dark green leafy veg at least once daily…and no, it’s not always kale! I love parsley as a bracing and inexpensive salad green or smoothie addition. Collards make great swaps for junk-laden wraps. Roasted broccoli is a family favourite and spinach makes for simple salads and easy additions to casseroles and grain bowls.

2. Beans

One of my favourite foodstuffs. Whether it is organic tofu fried as salad croutons or baked for a sandwich ‘meat’, snacking on roasted chickpeas, adding lentils to soup or salads or dunking into hummus, I eat some sort of bean daily for the tummy taming fibre, plant-based protein and minerals like magnesium and iron.

3. Fermented Foods

To help support a healthier digestive system and keep inflammation at bay, I eat fermented foods daily. I usually employ the big guns – I am a spokesperson for Bio-K+ probiotics so take this fresh fermented probiotic daily – but also enjoy as much miso, kombucha and sauerkraut as I can!

4. Nuts and Seeds

On a plant-centred plate, nuts and seeds heap on healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. Hemp seeds are a big part of my routine, as is peanut butter, tahini and almonds. I use them to add richness to smoothies, sauces or to replace starchier snacks.

5. Fruit

Fruit is my candy…unless candy is my candy. Actually, I don’t have that big of a sweet tooth! I am more likely to indulge in cheese or other savouries instead of sweets. Especially in the summer, there is no better treat than luscious seasonal fruit. I don’t discriminate here; whatever is in season and delicious lands in my kitchen. Usually, fruit is a snack or ends up in a smoothie, smoothie bowl or topping oats.

My best advice for getting more of these healthy foods into your life is to stock your fridge with them. Whatever you see in the fridge, you will have to use to feed yourself. You might want to challenge yourself to a smoothie or salad a day to get more fruits and vegetables into your life. It can really make a difference!

The key here is that healthy eating isn’t about any hard and fast rules. Eat more of the good stuff (whole plant foods) and try not to sweat the rest. Happy eating!

PS – if you want to see a growing, curated selection of recipes, you can head over to my Pinterest Page.