They say it takes a village…but these days, I feel like many of us are way more isolated IRL than ever before. I’ve always thought of myself as more of a lone wolf, cuz I’m an introvert who works alone most of the time. But in reality, I’m in community with some very amazing folks, like Zach Berman of the Juice Truck. Zach is one of the kindest and coolest humans ever, so I wanted to talk to him about how he built his amazing business, his views on health and human potential as well as how he builds community as part of the Juice Truck world. 

About Zach Berman

Zach is co-founder, along with his best friend Ryan Slater, of the Juice Truck – Canada’s first cold pressed juice bar. Husband and father of two adorable boys, he was born and raised in Richmond, a suburb of vancouver, where he got his first Jack Lalanne juicer from a thrift store in grade 11. After graduating from art school at Emily Carr University, he and Ryan took a year long backpacking trip through Nepal, India and Sri Lanka and it was on this trip the idea for the Juice Truck was born. The Juice Truck is coming up on its tenth birthday this year and continues to innovate and build community in the healthiest sense of the word.

On this episode, we chat about:

  • How a 24 year old art school grad becomes a juice pioneer and how Zach became interested in food and nutrition
  • The connection between entrepreneurship and creativity
  • How traditional wellness practices and Ayurvedic wisdom sparked the idea for the Juice Truck
  • Zach’s love of travel and the perspective shifts and insights that travel has brought him
  • Zach’s plant-based journey from carnivore to vegetarian to vegan
  • What it’s like building a business with your best friend
  • Zach’s thoughts on building a mindset of success and why distraction hinders creativity
  • What supplements Zach is taking and how he eats IRL
  • His favourite running aids and what he’s putting in his juice
  • How community is foundational to the Juice Truck business and how it helped him weather the 2020 storm
  • How he finds a balance between entrepreneurship and family life
  • What’s up next for Zach and the Juice Truck
  • Zach’s favourite books of 2020

I find Zach’s story so inspiring so if you need a pep talk to see what’s possible in your own life, you want to learn more about entrepreneurship or just want a sneak peek into the life (and pantry!) of a successful wellness entrepreneur, then you don’t want to miss this episode. 

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Connect with Zach

Zach’s new podcast, A Little More Good 

Zach’s Book, The Juice Truck Cookbook

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Instagram @zachtruck @juicetruck

Zach’s Recommendations 

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