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I may be a dietitian, but I still feel like feeding my kids is its own special brand of challenge. Whether dinner time feels like an uphill battle, you’ve got a new baby to feed or you’re wondering how to help your kids have a healthier relationship with food, this is the episode for you.

I’m talking to two dietitians (and moms!) who literally wrote the book on feeding kids, Sarah Remmer RD and Cara Rosenbloom RD. Sarah and Cara are the two dietitians I trust for advice on how to wrangle my own kids into eating something other than goldfish, ha! Their down-to-earth – and sometimes downright revolutionary – guidance on childhood nutrition helps press the pause button on food drama and nutrition fear. 

About Sarah Remmer RD and Cara Rosenbloom RD

Sarah is a registered dietitian with a speciality in childhood and family nutrition. She’s passionate about teaching parents how to confidently feed their families and raise their children to have a positive relationship with food long-term. Sarah is the founder and President of The Centre for Family Nutrition Ltd, a Calgary-based nutrition counselling practice that focuses on prenatal, infant and child nutrition.

Cara is a registered dietitian, journalist, and nutrition educator. She is the founder of the nutrition communications company Words to Eat By, where she offers writing, recipe development and dynamic presentations. She is the co-author of the award-winning cookbook, Nourish, and recently co-wrote her second book, Food to Grow On. She writes for The Washington Post, Today’s Parent, All Recipes, and other notable publications.

On this episode, we talk about:

  • Why feeding kids feels so tough sometimes
  • Why HOW you eat is as important as WHAT How the pandemic changed family mealtimes
  • The importance of predictable eating structures and routines
  • The dietitians dish on nature vs nurture of the ‘good eater’
  • Why being a picky or selective eater is actually really normal
  • What is ‘division of responsibility’ and how it can change how you feed your kids
  • The MOST common reason for power struggles at mealtime
  • What to do (and not do) if you’re concerned about your kids’ weight
  • How parents interfere with kids’ intuitive eating and transfer their food stuff onto their children
  • All about what’s inside Food to Grow On, their new book for pregnancy through packed lunches
  • Nutrients of concern for kids and whether they need supplements
  • The dish on sugar, fruit + juice for kids
  • What you should call a ‘treat’ instead of actually calling it a ‘treat’
  • The MINDBLOWING tip for dinnertimes

Something I really appreciate about Sarah and Cara is that they put things into perspective…because no one needs more stress around parenting!  They’re realistic, open and honest about their own struggles with feeding their kids just as readily as they provide the ‘gold standard’ advice we all need to hear. We even talk about what it’s like to feed a family of mixed eaters, such as feeding vegetarian kids when you’re not…or feeding omnivores when you’re not!

Learned something new? Have questions? 

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Connect with Sarah and Cara

Book: Food to Grow On: The Ultimate Guide to Childhood Nutrition – from Pregnancy to Packed Lunches

Sarah’s Website: and Instagram @sarahremmer

Cara’s Website: and Instagram @wordstoeatby