Abby Langer RD

We’re already at episode 6! And I’m so excited to bring you this episode with my dear friend and colleague Abby Langer RD…because we need to TALK.

There is a gazillion-dollar diet industry trying to convince you that you need to go on a diet in order to be a better version of yourself. They set you up by telling you all of the things that are ‘wrong’ with you and promise that if only you followed their very specific advice, everything would be better. These diets follow a very specific formula: choose a culprit, like gluten, lectins or oils. Misinterpret the science to show folks how evidence-based your diet is. Then ask folks to go on a very restrictive diet that takes all of their waking energy to prepare and leaves them feeling hungry and isolated from social occasions.

Fast forward one, two, or 12 weeks from now. The diet didn’t work, because it was flawed from the get go. But instead, you think it was YOU who somehow messed it up. Which is 100% not the case. It diet culture all along….

About Abby Langer RD

Abby is a registered dietitian and owner of Abby Langer Nutrition in Toronto. She is the author of the bestselling book Good Food, Bad Diet. Abby is known for her spicy takes on diet culture, as well as for busting nutrition myths.

Abby is not one to mince words. She calls out BS where she sees it and backs it up with hard, cold science. Her amazing blog is filled with fad diet rebuttals and she has an (often hilarious) opinion about EVERYTHING health and nutrition. 

On this Episode, we talk about:

  • Why we’re so unwell right now, when we have so much access to health information
  • Why nutrition isn’t the only factor for getting healthy
  • How information overload is hurting, not helping
  • Real talk on ‘biohacking’
  • How viral trends + celebrity wellness mess us up, plus, what’s the deal with chlorophyll?
  • The echo chambers of wellness, and how they grow lies from kernels of truth
  • The actual science of lectins
  • Why blaming weight gets in the way of getting actually healthy
  • Why calorie counting is officially over
  • How dieting disconnects us from our bodies
  • Abby’s unique perspective on weight loss
  • Why diets don’t work…and what does
  • The wellness concept that makes Abby want to barf
  • What are negative core beliefs, as Abby shares in Good Food, Bad Diet
  • What Whole 30 says about our relationship with food
  • What is high value eating?
  • Abby’s core pillars of health

Abby is a fierce defender of science, truth and a killer sandwich! I know you’ll learn a ton from this episode, and probably laugh a few times along the way. I hope this chat helps you see diet +  influencer culture for what it is and that it helps fortify you on your journey of ignoring the noise and tuning into your own body’s needs.

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Abby’s book: Good Food, Bad Diet (affiliate link)

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