Wondering if you’ve got irritable bowel syndrome? Or, newly diagnosed and trying to figure out what the heck it all means? You’ve come to the right place: as a gut health dietitian with IBS myself, I know that sometimes it can feel a bit overwhelming at times. 

Gastroenterologist Dr Wendi LeBrett MD on The Allsorts Podcast
Confused about irritable bowel syndrome? Wondering if you have it? Gastroenterologist Dr Wendi LeBrett MD is giving us the IBS 101 on the podcast!

Particularly because there are just so many damn OPINIONS. About what causes IBS, what you should or shouldn’t eat if you have IBS and just what to do about all those IBS symptoms. But this is a house of science. And as a house of science, I thought it was high time we got a gastroenterologist on the pod to give us a little IBS 101 – straight from the expert’s mouth to your ear drums.

I am so excited to be talking with Dr Wendi Brett MD, AKA @socalgastrodoc, all about irritable bowel syndrome. Dr Wendi is a wealth of evidence-based information and she makes it all so digestible, pun very much intended!

We cover it all in this jam-packed episode, from what IBS actually is to how it’s diagnosed in the doctor’s office to why people keep talking about the gut-brain connection. You’ll walk away with a lot of food for thought and hopefully, make those conversations with your doctor a little more informed and productive.

About Dr Wendi Brett MD:

Dr. Wendi is a board certified internal medicine physician and gastroenterology fellow. In her practice she combines science-backed dietary and lifestyle interventions with modern medicine to support gut health. She shares evidence-based educational content on Instagram and TikTok.

On this episode we chat about:

  • What Dr Wendi studied BEFORE medicine
  • What is irritable bowel syndrome, exactly?
  • Understanding gut-brain communication
  • Why do we get IBS?
  • The role of stress in IBS symptoms
  • Conditions that look like IBS but aren’t
  • SIBO + leaky gut: Dr Wendi’s take on the hype
  • What Dr Wendi wants you to bring to your doctor’s appointment
  • Trusted therapies for IBS to discuss with your doc
  • Why are antidepressants part of IBS treatment? 
  • Understanding your body’s response to food re-introductions
  • Probiotics, Fibre + IBS

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