If you’re the proud owner of a pair of ovaries, and you’re “of a certain age” you may have noticed that things are starting to change. Could it be…perimenopause???

Dr Nitu Bajekal on Episode 71 of The Allsorts Podcast
Dr Nitu Bajekal MD, OBGYN is back on the podcast, this time talking about the science of menopause!

It can be hard to talk about perimenopause and the menopause transition…not the least of which is that there is still such a ridiculous stigma about women getting older. Like it’s a “use by date” in society and as a woman in her mid-40s, I want to help contribute to a mindset shift around this important transition in our lives. 

We need to educate ourselves about how are bodies are changing and how we can best facilitate that change, so I’m thrilled to welcome Dr Nitu Bajekal MD, a UK-based OBGYN back on the pod, in honour of her newest book, Finding ME in Menopoause.

Dr Nitu is an advocate for reproductive health for all humans, and this episode is a deep dive into what perimenopause and menopause actually is, the signs and symptoms to discuss with your physician as well as a look at evidence-based lifestyle medicine – sleep, movement and nutrition – that complement traditional care.

Hormone health is definitely a trending topic – filled will all sorts of wacky ideas about how to care for yourself during this transition so we’re going to cover everything from how perimenopause presents itself to why hormone tests are generally useless during this time as well as the confusing around hormone therapy and why the microbiome is so important for hormone balance! 

About Dr Nitu Bajekal MD:

Dr Nitu Bajekal MD is a Consultant Gynaecologist and a Women’s Health Specialist with over 35 years of clinical experience and the author of Finding Me in Menopause. She is also the co-author of Living PCOS Free with her daughter, nutritionist Rohini Bajekal. Her areas of expertise include the management of heavy and painful periods, menopause, fibroids, and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).

On this episode we chat about:

  • Perimenopause vs Menopause
  • How perimenopause shows up in the body
  • Dr Bajekal’s own experience with early menopause
  • What we get wrong about menopause hormone therapy
  • Brain health: is it perimenopause or your lifestyle?
  • Why you probably don’t want to do a hormone test
  • How the gut microbiome affects your hormone balance
  • Why soy is so important for hormone health
  • The question of weight gain in menopause

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