We’re talking all about baby’s first foods and how to introduce solids to your baby. Learn more about how to navigate iron-rich foods, allergies, baby led weaning and more with Nita Sharda RD!

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I don’t know about you…but I thought a LOT less about my food choices before I had kids. And I am a dietitian, so that’s saying a lot!

Navigating baby’s first foods can feel a bit overwhelming because there are so many differing opinions out there: finger foods vs purees, baby led weaning, sippy cups or no…with our first born, we invest so much energy in learning the ropes! We read the books. We go to the group sessions. We swap advice with other parents. And there is SO much advice.

There is something about bringing another little human into this world that galvanizes our desire to take the best possible care and makes us second guess what should be a totally intuitive activity.

Starting solids with your baby can amplify those feelings tenfold, but it doesn’t have to! This week, we are talking with Nita Sharda RD, co-founder of Happy Healthy Eaters and mom of 2 to help us navigate the world of feeding our wee ones so we can be more confident and relaxed and enjoy the process.

About Nita Sharda:

Nita is a Registered Dietitian, mom and an absolute foodie. Her interest in food was sparked when she was a little girl. She would often spend time in the kitchen admiring her mother’s touch with Indian cuisine. 

She supports patients through her private practice counseling and also has a passion for infant and childhood nutrition. She is the co-founder of Happy Healthy Eaters alongside Jessica Penner. Happy Healthy Eaters is a platform dedicated to helping parents feel confident about feeding their kids.

On this episode we chat about:

  • How a lack of culturally relevant nutrition childhood information led her to start Happy Healthy Eaters
  • How to know your baby is ready to start solids
  • Why iron-rich foods are so important as first foods
  • Is iron-fortified cereal a good option for babies?
  • A  progressive approach to introducing non-allergenic foods
  • What is baby-led weaning?
  • How to trust the feeding process
  • Dealing with constipation in babies
  • Should we use sippy cups?

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