Registered Dietitian Pamela Fergusson sitting on a blue chair beside a green plant against a white wall.

Aging is an absolute privilege. But you wouldn’t know it from looking at most media. We’re either trying to biohack our years away—or pretending growing older doesn’t exist with our intense focus on 30 under 30 lists, “age-reversing” beauty products, or the lives of the young and famous (buh-bye!)

So how do we reverse the trend? Enter Pamela Fergusson, a registered dietitian with a PhD in nutrition and an MA in international health. She’s also a vegan, a mom of four, AND a member of the over 40 club—woot woot!

There’s this silly idea that somehow we need to downgrade our expectations of life as we age, but here at the Allsorts pod, we think that notion belongs in the trash bin. So in today’s episode, Dr. Fergusson busts those ideas and tells us all about nutrition over 40—and how to evolve an age-adoring self care practice.

About Pamela Fergusson: 

Pamela is a Registered Dietitian with a PhD in nutrition. She runs a virtual private practice where she specializes in vegan nutrition. Residing in beautiful Nelson, B.C. with her 4 plantbased kids, Pamela loves vegan baking, nutritional yeast, and building her vitamin D stores in the sun. 

On this episode we chat about:

  • How Pamela’s public health work—which includes time working in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, Malawi, Zambia and Ghana—influenced her current private practice
  • Why lived experience plays a significant role in caring for yourself 
  • How to carve out time for you when you’ve got a career, kids, and possibly even parents to take care of
  • Self-care non-negotiables…and how to fit them into your schedule
  • The research on whether metabolism REALLY DOES change over 40
  • Whether or not we can maintain, or dare we say—build—muscle over 40
  • Why whole foods are critical as we age, and some myth-busting around carbohydrates
  • Tips to incorporate more veggies into your meals (try doubling the amount of greens your recipe asks for)
  • The ratios of veggies, protein, and whole grains on a healthy plate
  • Some specific (and delish!) foods to eat over 40

Learned something new? Have questions? 

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Connect with Pamela Fergusson:


Instagram: @drpamela.rd

Book: Going Vegan For Beginners

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