I can never quite reconcile the malaise I feel in August at summer’s imminent demise with my total joy at the arrival of September. It’s my birthday month, so there’s that…but it’s something more. It feels like a collective exhale.

I often feel a lot of pressure to make the most of summer and when I tally things up, I feel like I’ve never had enough summer fun, if that makes sense! There wasn’t enough beach time. Park time. Adventures. A girl’s gotta work, right?

September is permission to let this go. To look forward, with fresh eyes. To return to structure and routine, which I love. September usually marks the return to a lot of travel for me – and this month is no exception. I’ll be spending about ten days away this month and next month. Travel is my opportunity to literally take the 30 000 foot view on my life and look deeper into what I want to achieve and how I want my life to look.

So I say, bring it on.