The best way to quit worrying about holiday weight gain? Quit worrying.

December 1st marks the onslaught of holiday advice: how to craft the perfect feast, plan the perfect party, make your own holiday gifts and of course…how NOT to gain weight while you attempt to do it all.

The greatest gift you can give yourself is to stop scrutinizing over every last bite you pop in your mouth. The month of December is filled with merrymaking that is the bright spot in an otherwise dark month. We put ourselves under a lot of pressure to make it all ‘just so’.

So while it would not be a good idea to bathe yourself in eggnog and eat chocolate at every meal, letting go of the fear of food around the holidays just might help you make more sensible decisions. Eat plenty of veggies. Start your day off with a protein-rich breakfast to keep blood sugars stable. Hit the gym to keep your energy up for all of that merrymaking. Don’t keep a bunch of treats in the house if you aren’t entertaining.

Then, the next time someone hands you a homemade cookie, enjoy it. Whatever your traditional celebrations are this month, I am wishing you the very best for a December filled with laughter, love and plenty of good food. What is your favourite holiday food tradition? Share it with me over on twitter