hands preparing parsley over bowls with cauliflower, lemons and tomato

In honour of National Nutrition Month, it’s time to tackle that desk lunch of yours…or lack thereof.

If you are constantly eating takeout for lunch, you are likely spending thousands of dollars a year on fast food and missing out on a prime healthy eating opportunity. You could be eating a lunch that keeps you powered through the afternoon instead of ready for a desk nap by three.

Here are some of my favourite tips/tricks and recipes for reclaiming a healthy – and enjoyable – lunch at your desk.

Embrace leftovers

Hate waste? Hate eating the same thing everyday? Embrace leftovers; you make a new dinner every night…which means you can have a new lunch opportunity every other day. Leftovers means no lunch prep (place right into containers after dinner) and pretty much no effort. A big win in our house.

Make Sunday Lunch-Day

If you wanted to have something incredibly delicious and are willing to eat the same thing for five days straight, you can make Sunday your lunch prep day. Just choose a recipe, create the lunch and have a week’s worth of lunches at your fingertips before you wake up on Monday! Just think…you could be eating salads like this, buddha’s bowls like this or crazy good sandwiches like this at your desk.

Forget prep altogether

You know what is REALLY good at your desk? A picnic style lunch. Grab a bag of groceries on the weekend and haul it to the office. Think hummus, a good cheese, olives, sliced fennel and red peppers, nice mustard and some gorgeous rye sourdough or dense crackers. Then just snack away, like you would at a picnic or a party…and try and forget you are working