I am a sucker for renewal. Mondays. January. September (because it’s the new January).

The excitement I get over cracking a fresh planner is off the charts.

But recently something has changed in me, for the better. I think I may have finally realized that the greatest sense of renewal comes from a mental shift. And those can happen at any time.

Think about it: that sense of excitement when you step off the plane at a new destination. Or the possibilities that come with starting a new job. Or that contented feeling when you commit to a new self-care routine. Those things are all mental. And you can learn to get there without too much external influence.

Music is one of those transformative things for me…which is why I share playlists on what is otherwise a health-focused site. Because music is a big part of my self-care. The right tracks give me #allthefeels.

So I hope you enjoy this month’s playlist. It’s meant to take you to new, contemplative, inspired places.

Here’s to a New Year…and a fresh mindset. 

xo, Desiree