It’s spring…but it’s still not that warm out…so I can still share a soup with you, yes?

I have a wonderful creation that I have been dying to share for the last couple of months but I had to wait until it was released by the client I created it for. So, just in time for spring, a soup that tastes like spring without having to wait for actual spring vegetables to appear.

It is silky, warming, flavourful and made with one of my favourite unsung heroes of the veggie world, the sunchoke. You might know it as the Jerusalem artichoke…or you may never have heard of it at all.

Why love this knobby root? For the prebiotic fibre it contains. There is a lot of talk about prebiotics for gut health but most people think that sprinkling in 100mg of inulin into a pill will do it. Not so, my friends. In order to take advantage of the prebiotic (or probiotic-feeding) effects of fibres, you want to eat them all the time. So head to the farmer’s market and grab a big handful of sunchoke…and some cilantro while you’re at it.

This soup is a delicious way to take care of your gut. Make it for dinner this week and let me know how it goes!

Get the recipe on the Bio-K+ website…it’s so, so good!!

Photo Credit: Melissa Quantz