I love tacos so much.

How much?

When I was looking for a home, one of the things that made me fall in love with this neighbourhood was its proximity to both Tacofino Commissary and La Mezcaleria (home to epic tacos in Vancouver, FYI!).

Don’t judge me 🙂

So on this very special day…Taco Tuesday…I wanted to share a crazy delicious recipe for lentil tacos from my friends at Que Pasa. These beauties are faster than take out – so you can make them happen for dinner tonight without too much planning.

Why lentils? Lentils make an awesome plant-based filling because their texture and size means that your tacos are just the right amount of messy…but you won’t have to deal with beans rolling out of your dinner onto your lap.

If you’ve got a little extra time, prepping your own lentils and making some fresh salsa would take these to the next level.

Hungry? Grab the recipe on the Que Pasa website.

And…to celebrate Taco Tuesday in grand style, I have a giveaway!!

Que Pasa Foods will provide one lucky winner with enough vouchers to keep you stocked up on yummy organic salsas and tortillas for an army of Taco Tuesdays, worth $50 (US and Canada only!)

To enter, hop on over to my Facebook page and let me know what your favourite taco combo is!  Winner will be selected Friday 9AM PST.

Photo Credit: Melissa Quantz

(Psst…I am a spokesperson for Nature’s Path Organic Foods, parent company to Que Pasa. And I love their tortillas intensely.)