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Gluten Free? It’s not a one way ticket to health.

Before you go and get all stink eye on this blog post…if you have celiac disease or gluten intolerance, going gluten free is critical to restoring and maintaining good health.

But not all gluten free foods are healthy. Yes, I’m talking about that gluten free chocolate cupcake stashed in your fridge…but also about all the white flour hiding in your supposedly ‘healthy foods’.

Get out of the rice rut

Instead of all-rice-everything, switch it up for a higher mineral, fibre and protein content. And give quinoa the night off too (just because its tired!). Try sorghum, a uniquely gluten free cereal grain that makes awesome bread and healthier cookies. Millet is my new fave for it’s wheat-y taste and nutritional profile…and it makes a great porridge too. Buckwheat is a classic for pancakes of course but it makes a nice addition to sautes and casseroles. And teff works well as an addition for baking.

Not sure how to cook them? Here is a cooking chart

(Products I shared using these grains: Nature’s Path Qia Superflakes, Silver Hills GF Bread and)

Embrace beans

Celiacs need to watch their iron intake and beans are a wonderful way to boost minerals in a plant-based way. They are also a critical source of fibre which can be lacking in a rice-covered diet. Eating more beans helps you to feel full (a common challenge when going GF!) and feed your intestinal flora to help lower inflammation and improve the barrier function of the gut.

Chickpea flour is one of my favourite things! Try making my chickpea farinata for brunch…or these spicy chickpea crepes.

(Products I shared using beans: Cuisine de Soleil chickpea flour, Big Mountain Foods Veggie Ground)

Watch out for sugar

So many GF items are absolutely loaded with sugar. Often the easiest solution is to DIY. Here is the link to the muffins I brought to the show (I substituted whole grain flours for the starches)

Of course, you can’t always DIY. Some of my fave lower sugar picks are Nature’s Path Qia, Glutenull Coconut Bars and Prana Trail Mixes.

Mind your minerals

Because of inflammation and malabsorption before the gut heals, calcium and iron intake can be an issue.  And gut damage in celiac disease can make you lactose intolerant…for a while…or permanently. Some of my fave dairy free ways to get calcium include sesame tahini, almonds and green leafy veg.

(Products I shared: Veggemo, Soyganic tofu)

Go gluten free…and healthy my friends!

Disclosure: This segment was NOT sponsored by any brand…I share the things I truly love. I am a paid spokesperson for both Nature’s Path and Veggemo…because I think they are awesome. Not the other way around!