If you are looking to lose weight, manage digestive troubles or balance blood sugars, you may be interested in a paleo eating plan. Getting back to the basics – lean proteins, healthy fats and plenty of fresh produce – can be transformative for some. However, even on a whole foods eating plan, missing out on magnesium can derail some of your healing efforts. Here’s why.

Magnesium is critical for blood sugar control, proper muscle contraction and heart rhythm. It is also required for DNA synthesis and the production of glutathione, considered the body’s master antioxidant. Glutathione works to “recycle” antioxidants within the body; it helps keep inflammation in check and is critical for preventing chronic disease. Most of your body’s magnesium stores reside in your bone; blood levels are tightly regulated, meaning that if blood levels drop – your body will rob your bone’s supply.

The trouble with magnesium is that it is most concentrated in legumes, nuts and seeds – foods that might not be a strong feature in your paleo plan.  So how much do you need? Adult men should get 420mg and adult women need 320mg a day.

You can absolutely get the magnesium you need to thrive on a paleo plan but you must make the commitment to eating magnesium-rich foods daily. Here are some of your paleo-friendly magnesium superstars; eat daily and feel amazing!

5 oz cooked halibut 160mg
5 oz cooked Chinook salmon 180mg

½ cup okra 50mg
½ cup cooked spinach 83mg

3 tbsp hemp seeds 175mg
2 tbsp flax seeds 78mg
2 tbsp sunflower seed butter 120mg
¼ cup roasted pumpkin seeds 317mg

¼ cup cashews 90mg
¼ cup Brazil nuts 133mg

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