hands cutting lemon on a wooden board with mango and carrots

I cannot tell you how happy I am that spring is here…I feel like I have been waiting for this day since, well – December 26!

Days are getting longer, the chill is out of the air and it is time to crawl out of our winter shells. Feeling ready to take on spring? Whether you are looking to get outside, get active, get social, start a new project…eat these five foods to keep you feeling energetic and well nourished this spring.

  1. Chia seeds

Why chia? Because spring cleaning is a good idea for your gut as well as your house. Chia seeds are packed with soluble fibre that acts like a sponge, soaking up the gunk in your digestive tract (like too much cholesterol) as it passes through. Stir two tablespoons of ground chia into your morning oats; add whole chia to your smoothie or try this delicious chia pudding!

  1. Spinach

Green is the colour of spring and greens are a top choice for energizing the body and supporting the body’s cleansing mechanisms. Of course kale is amazing, blah blah blah…but when was the last time you ate spinach?  It is one of the first spring greens to pop up in North America (although not yet for most of Canada!) and hey, March 26 is even National Spinach Day! Spinach has just a paltry 7 calories per cup but boasts plenty of calcium and magnesium for strong bones and healthy muscle contraction, in addition to folate, iron and potassium for that heart of yours.

  1. Dates

Hitting the trails? Instead of packing manufactured energy gels, why not go with nature’s energy powerhouse: dates. I use dates as my carbohydrate source whenever I am doing long endurance activities. Dates are also a great way to naturally sweeten foods instead of using refined sugar, which we probably overdosed on all winter long. One of the best way to “spring clean” your diet is to ditch added sugars and focus on naturally sweet foods instead. Puree dates into baking or add to smoothies instead of bananas.

  1. Ginger

In Ayurveda, spring is historically the time to turn up digestive heat to help burn off any stagnant digestive residues that can lead to sluggishness and ill health. One of the best ways to turn up the digestive fire is with ginger! Sip ginger tea or snack on candied ginger after meals; add ginger to smoothies, soups and stir fries. It will put a spring in your step, for sure!

  1. Sprouted grains

In spring, everything is sprouting up so why not apply that principal to your grains too? Spring is the time to lighten up your diet and sprouted grains are easy on digestion. Many sprouted grain breads are far more nutritious that typical whole wheat, boasting far more protein and fibre in addition to providing sustained energy. You can find dried sprouted grains such as quinoa or rice for cooking or you can even sprout your own for use in salads and cooking.

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