I talk a lot about inflammation… I practice anti-inflammatory nutrition!

I even have a book coming out on the topic.

So perhaps a little explanation on what inflammation is would be a good thing, yes?

Here goes:

Inflammation is a normal part of your body’s immune defences. When you cut yourself in the kitchen, inflammation comes to the rescue to stop the spread of infection throughout your body from any bacteria, mould or viruses that might have been on your skin or the knife. This is acute inflammation. When the cut is healed, inflammation turns off.

When I talk inflammation, I am talking about chronic or “low-grade” inflammation. This type of inflammation is different in that it acts like a slow drip of inflammatory messages that ends up overflowing your capacity for healing and starts wearing down your body until chronic disease becomes inevitable.

You can’t see low-grade inflammation until the damage is largely done, like discovering termites only after your wood floor collapses. When inflammation gets serious, there is one blood test that helps measure it – C-Reactive Protein, or CRP. Otherwise, the greatest indicator of low-grade inflammation is how you life your life. Our modern lifestyles stoke the fires of inflammation through hyper-processed foods that spike blood sugars, provide inflammatory fats like cheap vegetables oils, throw the intestinal flora out of balance and rob the body of the nutrient power of plant foods. Stress, too much alcohol or time on the couch, not enough sleep or exercise all contribute to a pro-inflammatory lifestyle.

Why does it matter? Because chronic inflammation is a risk factor for almost all chronic conditions from heart disease and type two diabetes to cancer and eczema.

So there you have it! Chronic inflammation in a nutshell. Have a nutrition question for me? Connect with me on Facebook and you just might see your question answered (anonymously of course!) right here.

I will be sharing plenty of tips on anti-inflammatory living on the blog leading up to my book launch…stay tuned!