Desiree Nielsen

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The world of mushrooms offers a kaleidoscope of flavours, textures, and of course…nutrition! From meaty shiitakes to delicate oysters or the versatile hardworking cremini (brown button!), I cannot get enough mushrooms. Traditional varieties like shiitake are known for their beta-glucan polysaccharides which boost the gut microbiome and support the immune system. High in FODMAPS that feed your gut microbes, all mushrooms contain small amounts of fibre, B vitamins and minerals. 

Make my mushroom barley soup, inspired by the beef barley soups I grew up with, or the best mushroom gravy EVER! Or, fry up a variety of wild mushrooms to top my 30 minute alfredo and mushroom pasta, try my easy weeknight soba recipe or enjoy my shiitake and lentil salad for a hearty, cool-weather friendly salad.