Hello Folks,

It’s been quiet on the blog front the last few weeks because I have had something COOKING! For those of you who have been following me a while, you might remember that I pledged that 2013 would be the year I finally wrote that book I had been dreaming of for so long. I have been hard at work and today I can officially announce that Skyhorse Publishing in NYC will be releasing my book in 2014, entitled:


A Plant-Forward Eating Plan to Permanently (and Painlessly!) Make Over Your Eating Habits and Help You Say Goodbye to Diets Forever


I am incredibly excited…this book is my core nutrition philosophy, poured out onto the page so I can share it with you!

  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Plant-rich
  • Real world and easy to live with
  • For those who want to have more energy, maintain (or find) a healthy weight, prevent chronic disease or help reclaim their health so they can feel good again.

Our bodies are under siege: stress, artificial flavour packets otherwise known as ‘food’, a sedentary lifestyle and pollution all take their toll at a cellular level. We are literally breaking down under the weight of this toxic load. This breakdown is manifested in rampant chronic disease and omnipresent dis-ease. Inflammation is the alarm that sounds when the body gets into trouble; it is a critical defence mechanism that is wildly out of place in our modern world. When the inflammatory response continues to fire over weeks and years, it leaves our cells amongst its ashes. Chronic inflammation is at the core of what ails us – autoimmune disease, digestive disorders, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer and even Alzheimer’s disease all share an inflammatory component.

Our greatest gift is that we can fight inflammation with our fork. The foods we choose to eat have a remarkable capacity to heal or harm; to stoke the fires of inflammation or smother its embers. When we eat according to an anti-inflammatory plan, the natural properties of the plant foods we consume fortify our defenses and provide the body with the building blocks it requires to heal.

My nutrition philosophy? Real food…unplugged. Un-junk your diet and keep it simple.

You are going to need an anti-inflammatory arsenal to help you live your best life. I hope you will love Fight Inflammation with Your Fork! Stay tuned for updates…