Building a Plant-Centred Pantry: Nutritional Yeast

Wanna make healthy eating simpler? Focus on the foods to eat more of…so welcome to my new series, Building a Plant-Centred Pantry. Here, I will talk about the foods I try to eat more of, why they are so great and how to get more of them. It’s kind of like the long-form version of my Healthy […]

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This Queso Fiesta is your new favourite party dip. And it’s nut free.

Okay guys. No picture for this one…again! So I have compensated with some photos of my recent trip to Mexico City which is my new food heaven. It’s just a hair farther from Vancouver than flying to Toronto (which I also did last week) and so vibrant. I have loaded a bunch of my food […]

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The Healthy (Conscious) Interview: Dr Pamela Fergusson, RD

I had the pleasure of meeting Pamela last year at the International Congress of Dietetics in Granada, Spain. But before then, I had been following her on social. She is a dietitian with an inspiring take on raising a plant-based family…and the fitspo she posts makes me want to get moving! Pamela makes living a […]

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Unbelievable Blueberry Lemon Cheesecake Bars

Unbelievably delicious. Unbelievably healthy…and yes, they are still gluten free and vegan. Summer feels like a freight train. It’s over too quickly. I am working really hard to be mindful and take at least a few moments everyday to appreciate the summer-ness of it all. My evening session in my garden is helping with that. […]

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Should you eat dairy? This dietitian is finally weighing in.

I am not sure if I love – or loathe – when a new documentary causes such as food fuss. Of course, I am talking about What the Health. While debate is uber-healthy, the extreme fear-mongering and complete, closed-minded dismissals that are being born on the internet are not. Of course, the answer lies somewhere in […]

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Summer Zoodles with Raw Sungold Tomato Sauce

  My garden is literally exploding right now. My Sungold tomato plant is reaching its tentacles well beyond the confines of its cage…and I am a bit nervous my pumpkin plants are going to take over the world. Want to save money on good food? Grow it. As they say, growing food is like printing […]

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Secrets to Saving on Your Food Budget…and Still Eating a Healthy Plant-Centred Diet

If I had a dollar for every time someone told me they couldn’t afford to eat healthfully…I wouldn’t need to worry about my food budget!! I’m not sure when wellness became all about $20 coconut yogurt and $40 fitness classes but you want to know a secret? You don’t need either to live the wellness […]

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The Healthy (Conscious) Interview: Dana James, Food Coach NYC

Dana James is a functional medicine nutritionist and the founder of Food Coach NYC. I have been following her work for a few years now; I am endlessly intrigued by dietitians who are navigating the wellness world with credible (but no less progressive) advice. One of my favourite pieces by Dana was her shakedown of the […]

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Blushing Beet Smoothie Bowl

I can hardly believe that today is the first day of summer. The year is almost half over!!! It’s spurring a bit of a mid-year crisis goals reassessment for me. I know that I am working hard but I don’t know if I am really carpe diem-ing. So I am looking forward to using the […]

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Crispy Asparagus Fries so good…you might eat them all!

Snack time is just another excuse to eat more veg…but sometimes, it’s really fun to dress it up a bit. The weather has been so weird here this spring but we are finally starting to see some local asparagus in Vancouver. These asparagus fries are savoury and delicious on their own but even more decadent […]

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