Roasted Rhubarb Spice Muffins

I am a muffin and cookies baker…yes, I can do other things, but you don’t routinely see me making layer cakes. Muffins and cookies are baking for the impatient. Baking for the eater. This recipe took me many, many attempts to get just right. ‘Healthy’ muffins are usually so dry. So, so dry…these are luscious and […]

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The Healthy (Conscious) Interview: Jenne Claiborne of Sweet Potato Soul

Jenné Claiborne is the vegan chef and blogger behind the YouTube channel Sweet Potato Soul, and the Buddhalicious meal plan service. Her yummy food is a celebration of plant-based eating and reflects her southern roots.  I had the pleasure of meeting Jenné late last year while on assignment for Bio-K+ in San Francisco (rough gig, I […]

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Make your mom (or yourself!) these insane almond blueberry scones

Moms and baking kind of go hand in hand…which is why one of the perfect ways to treat your mom is to bake her something delicious. After all, she likely spent a lifetime baking treats for you! I created this recipe for the brunch I hosted at the Dig In St Albert festival a couple of […]

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Jalepeno Coriander Sauerkraut

This is a story about a woman who loves fermented food…but can’t afford to spend ten bucks a week on sauerkraut. Oh, what is a health foodie to do? Spoiler alert: She makes her own damn kraut. I love all the amazing local kraut companies out there and buy their wares occasionally…but when you’ve got […]

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Conquer Your Workout…the May 2017 Playlist

This is it…time to put in werk. I am very proud to support the Workout to Conquer Cancer BC Challenge. As inconsistent as I am, I have pledged to move my body everyday in May in support of the BC Cancer Foundation. Even if I just go for a quick 30 minute walk, no excuses. This […]

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Soaking, sprouting and fermenting…is it really necessary?

It goes without saying that the internet will take you to some pretty interesting places. Drinking charcoal, adding grass-fed butter to your morning coffee and Blue Majik-everything are just a few of the highly Instagrammable wellness fads taking over our feeds. On the other end of the wellness spectrum are the traditionalists. They are the […]

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Sunchoke Soup with Cilantro Pesto

It’s spring…but it’s still not that warm out…so I can still share a soup with you, yes? I have a wonderful creation that I have been dying to share for the last couple of months but I had to wait until it was released by the client I created it for. So, just in time for spring, […]

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The Healthy (Conscious) Interview: Jamie Lee Mock of Moonbrew Tonic

I remember the first time I tried to ferment my own food. It was kombucha, and I was so nervous about food safety that I bought this way overpriced kit where the SCOBY got FedEx’d from Brooklyn.  Well.  I was utterly fascinated by the process and could watch my jar the way so people watch their […]

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Step into Spring…with my April Playlist

Man. March was officially the gloomiest on record here in Vancouver. Perhaps fittingly, my April playlist is a bit moodier than you might expect for spring. Perfect for coming back to centre and spending some time in the kitchen after a crazy day at work. xo D

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Better skin, better mood? Here is why it all (probably…possibly?) starts with the gut.

As a self-proclaimed gut geek, I spend my days preoccupied with what goes into…and what comes out of…that gut of yours. But it’s not just a professional pursuit. I have a vested personal interest in gut health, because mine gets pretty messed up from time to time. Until very recently, the gut was probably the […]

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