Desiree Nielsen

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Building a Plant-Centred Pantry: Hemp Seeds (new series!)

Our weight. Our diet. Our health. And why it’s all so freaking hard to figure out.

The Healthy (Conscious) Interview: Jenne Claiborne of Sweet Potato Soul

The Healthy (Conscious) Interview: Jamie Lee Mock of Moonbrew Tonic

Better skin, better mood? Here is why it all (probably…possibly?) starts with the gut.

The Healthy (Conscious) Interview: Dan Cheung

Smarter, slimmer, stronger…is the ketogenic diet for real?

Still interested in a spring detox? Here is how to support what your body does naturally.

The Healthy (Conscious) Interview: Melissa Nkomo

If healthy eating feels like deprivation…you’re doing it wrong. Here’s how to get it right.

What the $%#@ are adaptogens…and do I need one?

The Healthy Conscious Interview: Hiroko Demichelis of Moment Meditation

What is Mindfulness…and what does it have to do with eating?

Your deprivation-free guide to a happy, healthy holiday is here!

Feeling…ugh? How this dietitian gets her gut back on track

Why the Food Guide matters…but probably not to you

Nine Easy Ways to Tackle Food Waste…and the Surprising Reasons You Should Care

The Healthy (Conscious) Interview: Dreena Burton

Back to School Lunch Essentials (sponsored post + giveaway)

You Asked: What Should I Feed My Vegetarian Kids?

This is what really happens when you go on a detox. (Part 2 of a series)

What to eat, in your thirties

The Healthy (Conscious) Interview: Miranda Hammer of Crunchy Radish

Detox or Die…Understanding how your body ACTUALLY detoxes